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Just be warned: Since these are still betas, some apps and features might not work so well or at all. And with the upcoming Pixel 3 rumored to include one too, Google did the logical thing and added display cutout support in Android Pie. One notch-related change that will affect all phones in Pie is the status bar. Because the middle of the top of the screen is reserved for a camera, a few things have been tweaked to accommodate the loss of space. For one, the time has been shifted to the far left of the screen, leaving the battery icon and percentage if you opt to display it at the far right.

With the new system, app screens are arranged horizontally, so you swipe left and right now to navigate through them. Turn it on and the nav bar will change from the traditional Back, Home, and Recents trio to just two icons: a small arrow and a pill-shaped home button. Check out our in-depth look at gesture navigation to learn how it all works. Each new version of Android tends to brings some changes to the notification system, and Google has once again tweaked its system for the new version of Android.

Among the small but useful changes to notifications are:.

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The biggest is Adaptive Battery. Your phone will learn how you use apps over time. Notifications may be delayed for these apps. That means your phone will actually be able to increase battery life over time as the system shifts priority to only the apps you use the most. Also helping battery life is a more robust set of background restrictions.

We first saw this with Oreo, but Android Pie takes it a step further by alerting you to errant behavior and giving you the option you shut down the offending app. It will also provide you interval updates on how long your phone is expected to last once the battery reaches 25 percent. Furthermore, Android Pie is also more aggressive when the battery saver is turned on, helping squeeze a bit more juice out of a dying battery. And finally, Adaptive Brightness has been given a dose of machine learning to keep to closer to your personal preferences and save battery by not changing so dramatically.

And nowhere is that more apparent than with App Actions. A companion to the search-based App Slices which are launching later this fall, likely with the Pixel 3 , App Actions live in your app drawer, and offer machine learning-based shortcuts to common tasks.

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Every Android release brings changes to the Settings app, and Pie is no exception. There are some small changes throughout some of the tabs as well, most notably to the System settings. In Oreo there were separate tabs for Backup, Reset, and System updates, but in Pie, those options are all tucked away into a new Advanced tab.

Android Pie is filled with smart notifications and shortcuts to cut down our taps and swipes, but some are less obvious than others. Choose or type what you want, tap the paper airplane icon, and your message will be sent without needing to open the Messages app. But there is a nuclear option. Google has devised a simple way to fix it. It requires turning auto-rotate off. Turn your phone sideways as usual and a small icon will appear at the far right of your navigation bar that looks just like the auto-rotate icon in Quick Settings.

Flip your phone upright again and the same icon will appear, letting you change it back to portrait orientation. Then you can copy it to the clipboard and bring it over to any other app. Select About Phone and find Build number at the bottom of the screen.

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Prior versions of Android limited Bluetooth audio device connections to just one, but Android Pie raises that limit to five. Then scroll down to the Maximum connected Bluetooth audio devices option, and pick a lower number. Ever since Oreo, Android on Pixel phones have had a psuedo dark theme. To enable it, all you needed to do was pick a predominantly dark wallpaper for your home screen, which triggered a black background for the app drawer and notification shade.

Now you can enjoy it with any wallpaper. Just go to the Display tab in Settings, tap Advanced , and select Device theme. Then you can choose Light or Dark, or let it change automatically based on your wallpaper.

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One of the small changes in Android Pie that makes a big difference is the volume slider. The performance is relatively smooth with apps launching really fast and multitasking having no effect on the processor. One can even play games like the Asphalt 9: Legends without any issue. The benchmark results that Nokia 6. Thanks to stock Android and the need to drive otherwise frugal resources, the Nokia 6.

Battery life is a very tricky part to evaluate and no two users have same amount of usage. In my test, the Nokia 6. My usage, which involved 45 minutes of reading on the Amazon Kindle app, 45 minutes of gaming with Asphalt 9: Legends, messaging with colleagues and friends on Slack and WhatsApp respectively, music streaming in the background via Saavn and occasional processing of images. With this set of diverse usage, the Nokia 6. This was with brightness manually set to anywhere between 5 and 20 percent, I could have pulled more juice out of this battery by activating adaptive brightness.

Despite a smaller 3,,mAh battery, the Nokia 6. In developing markets, smartphones were initially purchased as the first computing device. In the past few years, it has become the first camera for most users. When people upgrade to a new smartphone, they make sure that it has a decent camera, if not the best. After using the Nokia 6. In fact, it is good but definitely not anywhere close to the best in this price segment. The secondary sensor is a monochrome sensor that aids with depth sensing. Nokia 6. In terms of results, the pictures have a lot of detail in the foreground area but there is visible noise and clipping in the background.

However, the camera fails to understand dynamic range and I shot some pictures where sky and cloud were completely blown out or overexposed.

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While one would try to fix this issue by using manual control, the options are limited to metering mode, focus, white balance and exposure. Like most other smartphones in this price segment, the Nokia 6.

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It also includes Live Bokeh, which allows you to capture images with shallow depth of understand. It is not perfect but you get the ability to control depth of field and can produce pictures with right balance between natural bokeh and artificial bokeh. When I started viewing images shot on the Nokia 6. We or I expect a lot better and Nokia 6.

Since I have been running a software not optimized for the final product, I would like give benefit of doubt to HMD Global. The company seems to have chosen the right sensor and all it needs to do is optimize the software to better understand dynamic range and make sure that subjects are not blown out of proportion.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Review: A worthy sequel. It succeeds in selling the message that premium design with a glass back is not limited to flagship devices. The things that work in favor of the Nokia 6.