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We can call it spyware and it is a programming that install on computer to gather secret information about the user. This can get in a computer as a computer virus after it installs this cannot be seen in the computer it completely hides in the computer.

It is the advance tool of mobile surveillance. The main feature of this device you can track at anytime and anywhere. The main feature of this software, it uploaded all recorded logs safely to your online account which is easy and safely you can easily watch and hear all data after access your account.

Why TheTruthSpy is the Best Spy Software for Android in India?

Whenever you want to see all activity, you can access your account and gat all recorded data without physically accessing to the target mobile phone. All logs are available in the online control panel.

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Welcome To Our Website Our spy mobile phone software is compatibles of all mobile phones, it works in all Smartphone. These may include being able to view the audio files, videos and photos sent on WhatsApp. Another good thing about using TheTruthSpy is that it lets you record all outgoing and incoming calls. You may even choose the app to record the calls made from and to particular numbers. Calls will be recorded and will be uploaded to the control panel of TheTruthSpy. You may also access them from any device you are using or from anywhere you are.

Just make sure that you have an internet connection. If you download the app on your mobile phone, you can view the browsing history of the user that may be useful once you run a business and you like to ensure that your employees are using their company phones for work purposes and not on some things that are unrelated to their work. TheTruthSpy is considered as one of the most known and biggest mobile spy apps in the market today. It allows subscribers get access to all information on target mobile devices and control it remotely, discreetly, and completely.

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Below are some of the amazing features you will get from using TheTruthSpy:. With the SMS tracking feature, you may also control any received and sent text messages on target device. So, regardless of what your employee or child is hiding would be revealed to you through using TheTruthSpy. TheTruthSpy offers you the opportunity to track all phone calls on target phones, whether outgoing or incoming phone calls.

All collected information will be saved and sent on your personal account. With the use of this app, you may get relevant information regarding the GPS location of the target phone user. As long as users have the target phone with them, you may easily find them.

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By request, you can also view GPS information on the map in a control panel. The address book of the target phone can be controlled remotely with the use of TheTruthSpy. All information on address book including the contact numbers, contacts names, emails, dates of birth, and so much more that are stored on the memory of the target device can be saved and accessed on your account.

It is helpful if all information on the target phone is lost.

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TheTruthSpy has special features that allow you to control the events on the calendar of the target phone. Therefore, you may control all their schedules and events remotely wherever or whenever you are. For business manager and owner, it is a helpful feature to ensure that the employee does his or her job and always productive during working hours. You can also use TheTruthSpy for tracking the browser history of the target phone.

In addition to that, it is a beneficial feature of TheTruthSpy as it can block websites that you find inappropriate. TheTruthSpy can control every password on the target device.

With TheTruthSpy, you can quickly capture all symbols or passwords that are typed on your phone. In terms of reminders and notes on the target device, TheTruthSpy makes it simple for you to control the activities discreetly and safely copying them to your account. You can never go wrong with TheTruthSpy. With its amazing features, you can discreetly and safely access phone activities of your target mobile device.